Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A surprise Birthday party for sis Audrey

A well planned surprise birthday party for sis Audrey
organised by Adelyn and Calvin
involving close family members,friends and  my sis favourite idol,Daniel Lee.

The invited guess,

A duck to say thank you,made by Adelyn.

Preparing for the surprise.

Getting ready,


And here she comes.

Gifts includes a bag full of Ducks
adding to her collection.

With dearest mum.

with Adelyn and Kian Yow.

Calvin and Quincy

With Wei Shen and his unique  birthday card.

Amelia and Jethro.

Anthony family and mum.

With the Ng's from Taiping,Jern Siong,Viv and Mrs Ng.

CK Yeo and GF.

David and YB.

With Mdm Chan.

With Daniel Lee,Aunty Irene and Uncle Peter.

Minyak Kan and Thongy Teh

Ming Da,Shiew Wai and Davis Tan.


  1. what a nice celebration.. nice effort! :)

  2. omg so many people attended!

    that must have been so sweet to her :D


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