Saturday, June 18, 2011

Yang at the Beserah Beach

We dropped by Beserah beach to check on a group of fishermen
who were busy  with their net full of fishes.
I was wondering what will their future be with the imminent start up of the Lynas
rare earth processing facility nearby,
will the fishes here be safe to eat after this,
now that we are hearing of whales being contaminated with radioactive in Japan,
even now with the present the oil and gas facilities at Gebeng
already contributing some negative impact on the water quality here.
I hope the authorities will come to their senses and stop this project once and for all,
if not we will seeing the begining of the end of the tourism industry
here in Balok and Cherating area.

Anyway Yang is busy with something else,
memorizing for his english spelling test
like all kids,their future is in our hands,
whatever we do today on the environment
will impact on their future,
so decide wisely,our elected representatives of Malaysia
or we will vote you out come the next election.


  1. adorable boy and very cute Thomas. Please let me know which of your blog you update most often as then I know where to comment.

  2. thanks Navak,Turbinemanlog is my most frequently updated blog.

  3. These pictures are too cute:)


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