Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wei Yang is five

It was a quiet birthday for Wei Yang
who is now five at his grandma's house in Kuantan.
Rowan and Leon was around to cheer him up
and he got a simple cheese cake which is Leon's favourite,
a hot wheels coin box and  puzzle.
After three years,he seems to have grown up to like Kuantan very much
especially when in the company of his grandma,uncle Anthony and family.

Leon giving a helping hand with the presents after eating almost a third of the cake.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shots on the rocks of Telok Chempedak

The beautiful rocks of Telok Chempedak is always
a nice place to play around especially during low tide
and here we are exploring a small part of it at the far end of the picture
i still call this place, a small bay by its old name,Methodist Bay.

Leon,Wei Yang and Sin Yee.

Sitting on the fist of Kingkong rock.

Grafitti stone.

I wonder what this stone looks like.

This one will make a nice monument.

Monkey territory,20 years back people use to swim in this stream,
now even the monkeys avoid it as the water stinks
and if nothing is done soon the whole beach will be ruined.

Enjoying a cool day back scratching.
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