Sunday, January 3, 2010

Trip to Kemaman Mini Zoo and Recreational Park

The new Kemaman Mini Zoo and Recreational Park is a new addition to the east coast town of Kemaman.
The mini zoo is yet to be completed,the tiger display area,
walking path around the birds cages and signboards for the displays need to be added,
also the elephant which is on loan from Thailand
will only will be available in January 2010 after an earlier 3 months stint.
Other than that the mini zoo is alright with lots of ostrich,parrot,peacocks,
peasant birds,a pair of bears,deers,otters,phytons
and awaiting the elephant and tigers.
A completed water falls with 2 swimming pool and a water park still under construction with slides and float rides.
I only hope that the municipal can find someone to run and maintain it properly
because this will be the first one run by a goverment agency.

The entrance and ticket booth to the Mini Zoo,
pls watchout for traffic passing by in front of the entrance,
seems to be a hazard crossing from the car park opposite the entrance.

The layout of the area.

The orchid area.

The man made waterfalls and pools,another ticket booth here with changing and wash room.

The kids playground.

View from the jetty at the back of the zoo.

A pair of white peacock.

Kemaman river esplanade.

A row of old shop in town.

Mum with Han,Yang,Sin Yee and Shen before we went for stuff crabs,
now at RM7.50 per pcs.

Yang trying to play with the talking parrot.

In front of the ostrich cage.

The arapaimas aquarium,the same type of fish which was suspected to have cause the death of 2 person in Kenyir lake recently.

The suspension bridge over the deer enclosure.

View Kemaman Mini Zoo and Recreational Park in a larger map

Kemaman Municipal Council Zoo


  1. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the wishes in my blog. Have a nice day.


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