Friday, February 25, 2011

Chinese New Year around Cameron Highlands

Our 2011 CNY Lee family photo at Gunung Brinchang Mossy Forest about 1960m ASL,
by two MPV,never imagine that  we can drive so high up the steep mountain road.

Rowan and Leon.

Yang at Habu Boh Tea Garden.
Yang and Rowan .
Mum and Adelyn.
Leon at the modern Sg Pallas Boh Tea House and Factory.

Sg Pallas Boh Tea factory tour.

Mum,sis and Adelyn.

Yang can only manage a grin in front of his favourite vege
 at Brinchang's Big Red Stawberry Farm.

Rowan reaching out for the grapes.
Cousins strawberry shot.
Part of our group photo.
at Highlands Apiary Farm or Habu bee farm.

Enjoying their honey stick.

Yang smiling away.
Leon at Bharat Tea Plantation
Having some snack at Bharat Tea House.
Chimney search at Convent School.

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