Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leon's trip to Gunung Senyum

Both of us sidetrack to visit the caves of Gunung Senyum nearby Jengka 25
on our way back from Kuantan.
It was deserted  as it was a weekday
besides the place is quite far from the nearest town.

Leon under the shade of a colocasia gigantea or 'Keladi'.

Leon holding a column.

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  1. hasila jepretannya, foto2nya bagus bagus :)

  2. Very nice cave name that literally translate to Smiling cave.. :-) Must have been a wonderful family outing.

  3. Great site here (Gunung Senyum) and there must be a good reason for naming it as such.

  4. Great stalactites...Smiling Cave!, never been there.

  5. Not sure about it's name maybe one of the caves opening looks like it's smiling!
    it will be a nice place to cycle to as there is a new bridge across the Pahang River nearby and there are chalets run by Forestry Dept at the site.


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