Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Our Chinese New Year celebration this year
is at sis Alice house at Pantai Pelindung,Beserah.
And as usual we gather for our annual new year eve dinner and toss.

 A Lee Family photo on CNY day.

Yee Sang  for the Prosperity Toss

This is from an earlier toss at David house.

CNY evening reunion dinner is an annual affair.
This year we have a guest,Mr Fernando Diaz from Playa del Carmen,Mexico,
sis Alice friend from her solo world tour.

Lee's siblings.

The next generation.

My family with mum.

Brother David Lee and family.

Brother Anthony Lee and family.

Smile,the photographers.

It rained in Kuantan on the first few days of CNY of the water snake.
Notice the tradisional Cambodian 'Pidan' or silk weaving of the Hindu mythical giant snake, Vasuki
behind the group photo

Nice sleeping position  of similar pattern  by  Rowan and Yang.

Fernando Diaz trying to know more about the chinese prayer altar at my uncle's house.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mum and Wei Yang

Mum had been with the painful fingers since November
and it had remained even after many visits to the local doctor.
Brother David found a good Orthopaedic for mum at Pantai Hospital Klang
so off we went and the specialist Dr Sia diagnosed it as Trigger Finger disorder
so she had a minor surgery under local anesthetic on the some day
and thank god,after a week she is able to bend the two fingers without pain.


From youtube..

Meanwhile Wei Yang had another bout of vomiting
but this time it was a quick one.
After some medication and rest he is back to his normal self.

Having dinner with Mum and Anthony's family on mum's birthday.

An early 'Lou Sang' at David's house in Sg Long.

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