Monday, March 29, 2010

Chinese All Souls Day at Kampung Langgar and Tg Api

These are the descendants of Lee Boo Siong Family at the cleanup of
my forgoten and lost great grandfather's grave site
which was only found recently
together with eldest aunt's grave and fourth granduncle,Lee Tiow Hor(Rompin relatives) grave.
The land where the grave are belongs to great grandmother's(Tan Liam Neo)
sister's husband who lives in Singapore
and the land duties of the plot together with another by the Pahang Riverside
where once there was a house(presumely that's where our greatgrandfather lives)
are paid yearly by Uncle Yong Guan.
Lee Elay, our great grandfather who came from China was a duck trader
where he will go by his bamboo raft up and down the Pahang river
to trade in ducks.

The site at Kampung Langgar is about 5.5km from the Pekan and Kampung Lamir junction.

The map to the place.

This is uncle Yong Guan when we first went looking for the graves in 2005.

The same place today is overgrown with bushes.

Even the palm oil tree is already as high as a coconut tree.

In 2005 i went with my dad and uncle Yong Guan,
the bushes then .

and after 2 hours of chopping with 7 parangs and grave are remarked
but it is difficult to identify whose it is
because wood was used earlier instead of granite.

My mum and aunt Kim Tee.

There is another site of two graves at granduncle land at Kg Ubai,Pekan
of which one is my aunt.

Great grandmother Tan Lian Neo grave
is one of the seven of our decendents grave
at the Tanjung Api Methodist Cemetery.

Tan Liam Neo

My grandfather Lee Boo Siong grave.

Uncle Robert at my grandmother Tan Hong Yan grave.

Tan Chon Hong

My grandmother's mum Seet Tiam Tee grave.

My grandmah's father Tan Chui Choon grave.

My dad Lee Yong Hock grave
three years have passed since you left us
we will always miss you dad,
may god bless you.

Granduncle Tan Chon Hong who passed away last year.

Great grandfather name-Lee Elay (graveyard at Kg Langgar)
Great Grandmother-Tan Liam Neo (graveyard at Tg Api Methodist Cemetery)
1st unknown
2nd Granduncle-Lee Tiow Teng(Osman-converted to Islam-he had 4 wives)
his youngest wife came for CNY 2010
3rd Granduncle-Lee Tiow Leong(formally in Malacca,married to a Portugis lady)
4th Granduncle-Lee Tiow Hor (formally in Rompin)(graveyard at Kg Langgar)
5th Granduncle- Lee Tiow Lye(formally in Malacca)
6th is my grandfather- Lee Boo Siong(wife-Tan Hong Yan)(Both graveyard at Tg Api)
and 2 grandauntie, one formally lives in Padang Tengku,Kuala Lipis
and another is Uncle Bock Her's mother.
Grandmother's mum(Seet Tiam Tee)and dad(Tan Chui Choon) and brother(Tan Chon Hong)
are all laid to rest at Tg Api MC.
Father, Lee Yong Hock is also there.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Pillbox walk of Pelindung Beach

Our walk started from sis Alice's beach house nearby to the first British ww2 pillbox
and we continued to the second one at the far end of the beach.

Anglers fishing rods on stands awaiting bite.

2 Buggies passing by along the the way.

The second pillbox,will be flooded during high tide.

Our opportunity for some shots here.

Wei Shen sitting on a tree by the beach.

Yang squatting on a tree.

Shen with Sin Yee.

Wei Yang is all wet after a dip.

The second last beach before Telok Cempedak,next will be Methodist bay.
It is getting dark so we will have to turn back besides Yang need to be carried
besause of his tired legs.

Crab's art work.

British ww2 pillboxes in Kuantan

View Pantai Pelindung 2 Pillbox in a larger map

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Telok Cempedak beach combing

My three sons are so tied up at home with their facebook game and PSP at their grandma's house
in Kuantan so i took them for a walk along the one km long Telok Cempedak beach.

Rowan Lee Wei Han the eldest is in form three this year,
he is even taller than me now.

Leon Lee Wei Shen is in standard five.

Edward Lee Wei Yang is five this year and is in his second year of kindergarten.

View Telok Cempedak Beach in a larger map
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