Thursday, January 6, 2011

Father's 4th year death anniversary

Father,it had been 4 years since you left us so suddenly
although you're no more with us here but your presence nearby
is always felt when the whole family is gathered together and through dreams
where i always see your happy smiling face.
Father,i would like to thank you so much for bringing us all up nicely
through so much hardship and suffering that you and mum have to go through,
if not for you we wouldn't be here today.

a short prayer,
It was You, O God, Who commanded us to honor our father. In Your kindness have mercy on the souls of our father, and forgive him of his sins. Grant that we may see him again in the brightness of Your everlasting glory. We ask this through Your Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. Amen

Father,we love you so much,we will always miss you

a photo of your 60th birthday celebration.

Father,your favourite bike is back with us,uncle Robert bought it.
A 1948 photo with a tiger grandpa shot at Galing,Kuantan.
A photo with brothers,Yong Guan,Robert and Yong Seng.
Your wedding photo brings back fond memories of yesteryears.
Our last Chinese New Year photo taken in 2005 at Anthony' house.
With mum.
CNY 2004
With grandchildrens.
With Adelyn and Calvin.
With Leon,Amelia and Rowan(2005)
And Wei Shen,fathers last words of advise to do is to respect elders and concentrate on your studies.
a shot at Sg Lembing shell station(2004)
at Kolong Pahat(2004)

Father,we love you so much


  1. Really good to see your respect for your father, 4 years ago this day my father passed away

  2. Good to see your dedication and love for your father. I have lost my father 4 years ago on 4 th of June 2010. I am touched and pray for both of our father that they rest in peace in heaven.


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