Thursday, March 24, 2011

Of food and lantern at CH

We had steam boat  for the CNY eve dinner
at Kalai Villa Apartment our place for the CNY gathering
after a long journey via the new Raub,Sg Koyan,Ringlet road
which is the best road up the hills so far,
even better than the Simpang Pulai one.

Mum's cooking is always the best.

Look who is flat out after the journey,it looks like Rowan.

Well! At 16 deg C on a rainy night you definitely wouldn't need an aircon.

A DSLR wannabe,Leon.

The next day we had a nice barbeque and Chicken cooked in bamboo(Ayam Pansuh),
my speciality dish,2 hrs job.

And our two barbeque specialist,Calvin and Rowan all smoked out.

And the release of a Kong Ming lantern full of wishes.

Of goes the flight hazard.

The long wait  for food.

This two don't need food since they're busy with their game,Yang and Jetro.

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