Monday, December 23, 2013

Aftermath of flood-Sg Isap

We visited our cousin Jamaliah home at Sg Isap
which was flooded by about 1.5 meters of water for more than 2 days
before it receded to hand in our family donation.
Folks in the area lost almost everything
because the flood waters breached the bund
in the early hours of the morning catching everyone off guard.

Wei Yang and the  water level stain on the wall.

A month have passed but life is still not back to normal yet
we pray for a speedy recovery from her fever
and getting her home back to normal again.

Everything have to be in the sun.

The mosque that was safe from the rising waters,
thanks to the right thinking architect
who build it more than 2 meters higher.

Repair works on the damaged bund,
some early warning mechanism like a siren
needs to be installed to inform of water levels
on the other side of the bund which was breached
sending tsunami like waters into the helpless villagers.

I would suggest local municipal only approve houses which are build on silts
like this one in Brunei
at low lying areas to avoid further misery in future.

Two newly place pump on top of the bund,
in fact more should be installed permanantly at all outlet points
and properly maintained if not it will take days
to drain out water from the area.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reinee & Allon wedding

Dearest cousin Reinee and Allon,
♥ As you pledge eternal love for each other,
may this day mark the beginning of a magical journey together for both of you...
Congratulations on your wedding!!

Wedding dinner held at Mexica Garden Seafood Restaurant in Kuantan.

With aunt and uncles.

A shot with cousins.

Wei Yang enjoying his bowl of soup.

Pro Photographer in action.

A toast to all.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Remembering dad on Fathers day

6 years have passed since you left us
and it seems like it was just yesterday.
Nothing in this world is enough to thank you
for bringing us up to be what we are today.
Thank you dad and Happy Father's Day.
May God Bless you.

The photo above taken at the 9th miles airport,
in those days it was called Airfield New Village.

At Tanah Putih's Chung Hwa chinese school.
as dad was a teacher and a part time motor mechanic after school.

In front of Kwang Hwa chinese school in Kuantan
which is now used by Maybank.

At the Tanah Putih bridge.

At a church in Malacca after attending cousin's wedding

With mum in front of  Pekan's Sultan Abdullah mosque.

A rare shot of mum and dad
at the St Paul church with St Francis Xavier statue
still with his right palm and the culprit casuarina tree
which fell on it.

With the ever charming Tan Sri Dato Lim Ah Lek.

A 1948 shot of dad with a tiger grandpa shot at Kampung Galing area.

Dad and  his Red Cross activities,
parade inspection by HRH Sultan Ahmad Shah, the Sultan of Pahang.

At the town field.

Representing his school at a national language parade in the years after independence.

our last Family Photo together taken during Chinese New Year 2005.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

9A for Rowan

Time move real fast and it's now SPM result time for Rowan
and he did real well with 9A and a C in mandarin,
next move will be for foundation programme.


taking the result slip

lining up

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Our Chinese New Year celebration this year
is at sis Alice house at Pantai Pelindung,Beserah.
And as usual we gather for our annual new year eve dinner and toss.

 A Lee Family photo on CNY day.

Yee Sang  for the Prosperity Toss

This is from an earlier toss at David house.

CNY evening reunion dinner is an annual affair.
This year we have a guest,Mr Fernando Diaz from Playa del Carmen,Mexico,
sis Alice friend from her solo world tour.

Lee's siblings.

The next generation.

My family with mum.

Brother David Lee and family.

Brother Anthony Lee and family.

Smile,the photographers.

It rained in Kuantan on the first few days of CNY of the water snake.
Notice the tradisional Cambodian 'Pidan' or silk weaving of the Hindu mythical giant snake, Vasuki
behind the group photo

Nice sleeping position  of similar pattern  by  Rowan and Yang.

Fernando Diaz trying to know more about the chinese prayer altar at my uncle's house.

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