Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Trip to Batu Gajah's Tin Dredge

The Tin Dredge Heritage is situated by the Tg Tualang road in Batu Gajah,Perak.
I took my two sons there to have a look since all three of us have not seen a tin dredge before and on the way we stop by at Kellie's Castle and the temple Kellie Smith build.
This dredge is one of three remaining in our country.
The other one i know off in at Paya Indah Wetlands,Putrajaya.

Opens everyday,830am to 600pm(1hr Lunch break) with a RM5 fee for adult and RM3 for children.

The welcome center have a display of tools,photos
and a video show of an actual working dredge in Selangor which is also retired now.

Tin ore in a 'Dulang'.

Old spanners on display.

Old rubber sheet making rollers.

The dredge is already tilted to one side because of leakages
and something have to be done before it's too late.

The buckets of the dredge which will scoop in tin rich sand into the dredge to be process.

The processing area.

Captain's control panel.

View from the top rear of the dredge.
A smiling "haruan ' fish.

Oh! I am having a backache and i need a rest,an old MC chit book.

My sons,Han and Shen at the bridge.

On the walkway to the Captain's cabin.

Trying his hands on the controls.

This spanner is big and heavy.

If you need high or low yardage,just move the controls.


  1. wow nice one... do u need to pay to get in like kellie's castle?

  2. Opps! forgot about that one,it's RM5 for adult and children RM3.
    Next post on Kellie's Castle and its temple.

  3. A nice place to visit... will be going there next with my girls... TQ!

  4. How far is the dredge from Kellie's Castle?

    Chan - 0165649827


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