Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wei Yang is five

It was a quiet birthday for Wei Yang
who is now five at his grandma's house in Kuantan.
Rowan and Leon was around to cheer him up
and he got a simple cheese cake which is Leon's favourite,
a hot wheels coin box and  puzzle.
After three years,he seems to have grown up to like Kuantan very much
especially when in the company of his grandma,uncle Anthony and family.

Leon giving a helping hand with the presents after eating almost a third of the cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Wei Yang. Kids are so lucky that they get to celebrate their birthday every year. I get to first celebrate my birthday when I was 21 years

  2. alicesg,
    In the old days life was difficult,
    nowadays in our modern world,
    it's the total opposite.


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