Saturday, July 10, 2010

Our trip to Colmar Tropicale

Our trip to Colmar was during the recent school holidays
where my wife took a few days leave and we drove up the hill from Bentong
about 30 minutes away.
The height of the hill is not enough to offer cool air during the day
but i think it will be colder at night.
Besides Colmar,golfing,horse riding and a small rabbit farm the place badly needs
something more attractive like a water theme park to attract more visitors
because unlike Genting there is no casino here.

This i think is the only place here where you can have a photo with a pair of swan.

A shot up on the tower.

This donkey is quite cheeky and playful,heehoor!

The tall Han growing taller.

Yang loves his mummy so much and always misses her,
that's the price of separation.

A real dangerous shot.

Shen the game addict needs more token to continue playing.

Wei Yang playing the bike with brother's help.

Trying to shoot some targets with paintball gun,all missed.

View at the golf club.

The price to pay for development on a hill
is a muddy waterfall down the hill on the old KL Bentung road.

Berjaya Hills Colmar Tropicale
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