Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wei Yang 6th birthday

Wei Yang celebrated his 6th birthday
with his brothers and cousins in Kuantan
with a patriotic cake.
Come the new year he will be in his first year of primary school.

Look who is blowing the candles.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Leon at Batu Hitam Beach

It was one very early morning drive from KL to Kuantan
and we decided to check the sunrise at the Batu Hitam beach
before going to mum's place for a few night stay.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

FIL's 70th Birthday

Our small gathering in Bentong to celebrate my father in law's
70th birthday.

Rowan and Leon with mum.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remembering the times

Good times are meant to be remembered,
here is a family photo taken by dad on the rocks of Teluk Cempedak beach
way back in 1973(Methodist Bay is on the right background)
(from left,David,Thomas,Anthony,Mum,Alice and Audrey)

The same spot today.

This shot taken in 1984.

Another one taken almost 37 years later in 2010 on mum's birthday.

Dad on a Honda bike at the then new Tanah Putih bridge
which replaced the old ferry across the Kuantan river  in the sixties.

Taking a corner on his Yamaha bike in the late sixties
at the junction of Bukit Ubi and Lim Hoe Lek Road..
Notice the white building which is the Fire station
at the far end of the road
and the wooden shops area is now a football field.

View Jln Bukit Ubi/Jln Lim Hoe Lek Junction today in a larger map

The same Yamaha bike today at Uncle Robert's bike shop after he bought it back.

and me with the bike some 43 years ago.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Leon's trip to Gunung Senyum

Both of us sidetrack to visit the caves of Gunung Senyum nearby Jengka 25
on our way back from Kuantan.
It was deserted  as it was a weekday
besides the place is quite far from the nearest town.

Leon under the shade of a colocasia gigantea or 'Keladi'.

Leon holding a column.

View Gunung Senyum in a larger map

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A surprise Birthday party for sis Audrey

A well planned surprise birthday party for sis Audrey
organised by Adelyn and Calvin
involving close family members,friends and  my sis favourite idol,Daniel Lee.

The invited guess,

A duck to say thank you,made by Adelyn.

Preparing for the surprise.

Getting ready,


And here she comes.

Gifts includes a bag full of Ducks
adding to her collection.

With dearest mum.

with Adelyn and Kian Yow.

Calvin and Quincy

With Wei Shen and his unique  birthday card.

Amelia and Jethro.

Anthony family and mum.

With the Ng's from Taiping,Jern Siong,Viv and Mrs Ng.

CK Yeo and GF.

David and YB.

With Mdm Chan.

With Daniel Lee,Aunty Irene and Uncle Peter.

Minyak Kan and Thongy Teh

Ming Da,Shiew Wai and Davis Tan.

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