Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A track up Bukit Pelindung from Telok Cempedak

The track from TC up to Bukit Pelindung is about 2km long
going up from sea level to about 220m
which took us about 30 minutes of slow walk.
There is a Mountain Bike trail running on the same route which is not well maintained
but there were a few daredevils in their fully padded suit and absorbers equiped bikes
speeding down the trail too fast for me to even take out my camera from the bag.

It can be quite dark under the canopy of these big trees.

A crowded TC beach on a beautiful sunday afternoon.

All except me warming up before the walk uphill.

The begining of the track up.

When tired there are plenty of chairs to sit and rest.

And shade if it rains.

A frog look alike stone.

Fresh mushroom growing well here.

Wild rattan is also a plenty here,
hopefully nobody touches it.

a petai tree too.

The mountain bike track.

This is the track at the north end of TC beach.

A rotten stump on the way down.

Plenty of younger replacement plant here.

At the end the track joins the road up the Pelindung Hill.

A communication tower on the hill top.

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