Friday, May 21, 2010

Weekend in Malacca with my sons.

Our weekend visit to Malacca was an unplanned one,
i took them there on a friday night and stayed there (at Pengkalan Balak's Angin Laut Chalet)
before returning on sunday.

Wei Shen at the Malacca River Cruise jetty.

Wei Han looks moody as usual.

Trying to hitch a ride on an old train.

Watchout the cows are staring at you.

First time on a trishaw ride for my two sons but not me
as i remember took trishaw to school in my younger days.

In front of Christ Church.

At the A-Famosa.

At St Paul's Hill.

At the rebuild Middelburg Bastion

Wei Shen in front of the Bastion's turret.

At the gate of Fort St John.

At the Tortura 2,Horror of Medieval Torture exhibition.

This mural near the Tourist Information Center ,
depicts the day when the founder of Malacca,
Parameswara first landed on Malacca shores
and was resting below a Malacca Tree.

At the famous Jonker street

At the Hang Li Poh's well,
build by the Sultan of Malacca for his wife.

At the Dutch fort of Fort Suppai,Kuala Linggi.


  1. Me too! and i notice that over the years that it had become a very tourist friendly place.


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