Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My sons at Panorama Hill

Panorama Hill in Sungai Lembing is a small hill about 260m high
and the four of us me,Wei Han,Wei Shen and cousin Amanda
took about half an hour for the steep climb up which was worth while
considering the beautiful misty view awaiting us.

this two trying to out smart each other

the crowd on a saturday morning

Sungai Lembing covered by mist.

the stairways up


  1. your sons? but there's a girl there wor.. =)

  2. Why they are like so unhappy one? LOL

  3. well!have to wake up 530am in the morning
    and my eldest sons is always like that,
    difficult to smile!

  4. Looks like a nice place but any place that need manual climbing is not ideal for me...lol. Even climbing the great wall of china is a torture for me at this age...hahaha.

  5. No wonder you only go to Genting Highland.Hah!hah!

  6. wah~ it was a new place to me lehhh~

    i see that this place was well maintained even with man made steps!

    is ok that his mood was down a bit. as long as the family is able to enjoy nice view there together ^^

    peace n God bless

  7. I think the place should be better than Brogga Hills because there is less air polution
    so you will get a good view provided the weather is ok.


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