Monday, June 14, 2010

A quiet and tranquil Kolong Pahat

We visited Kolong Pahat a small village about 1km from Sungai Lembing town
famous for it's landmark suspension bridge.
What was once a pack village during the good old mining times
is now a quiet and almost abandoned as most of the younger generation
have migrated to the cities.

Wei Han,Shen and cousin Sin Yee.

Only two shop are still in business, a sundry shop and a noodle maker and someone turned the back of one of these old shop into a swiflet house.

This white cat belonging to the sundry shop is so lazy
even to open his eyes when touched.

This homestay is a nice place for those looking for an escape from the busy and hectic city life.

The century old suspension bridge is still strong and well maintained.

Abandoned houses nearby.

An old tunnel just across the road from the bridge.

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  1. Good thing, there's still a homestay in that almost abandoned village. I like the suspension bridge.

  2. Yah! The place is quite popular as tourist come here to see the remnants of the biggest underground tin mine at the museum,panorama hill,a beautiful rainbow waterfall,a crystal gallery and the old Sungai Lembing Town itself.


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