Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Telok Cempedak beach combing

My three sons are so tied up at home with their facebook game and PSP at their grandma's house
in Kuantan so i took them for a walk along the one km long Telok Cempedak beach.

Rowan Lee Wei Han the eldest is in form three this year,
he is even taller than me now.

Leon Lee Wei Shen is in standard five.

Edward Lee Wei Yang is five this year and is in his second year of kindergarten.

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  1. There are many theories of the History of the Maoris. Nobody knows for sure as some are discredited.

    a general consensus among scholars now is that the Polynesians originally moved into the Pacific from the West, spread eastwards, and that the Māori came most recently from the eastern Pacific (that is Tahiti or the Marquesas). They began to arrive in New Zealand about 1000 years ago.* The New Zealand Encyclopedia, 4th Edition. David Bateman

  2. Ann,
    Thanks for the information.


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