Monday, March 22, 2010

Pillbox walk of Pelindung Beach

Our walk started from sis Alice's beach house nearby to the first British ww2 pillbox
and we continued to the second one at the far end of the beach.

Anglers fishing rods on stands awaiting bite.

2 Buggies passing by along the the way.

The second pillbox,will be flooded during high tide.

Our opportunity for some shots here.

Wei Shen sitting on a tree by the beach.

Yang squatting on a tree.

Shen with Sin Yee.

Wei Yang is all wet after a dip.

The second last beach before Telok Cempedak,next will be Methodist bay.
It is getting dark so we will have to turn back besides Yang need to be carried
besause of his tired legs.

Crab's art work.

British ww2 pillboxes in Kuantan

View Pantai Pelindung 2 Pillbox in a larger map

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