Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yang at the National Zoo of Malaysia.

The National Zoo was opened in 1963 the same year as the formation of Malaysia.

The map of the Zoo.

The busy entrance on a sunday.

Yang was on the trip in May 2009 with my sis.

Child's rock climbing!

On an old horse cart.

Now it's all mine.


Chicken,this roaster seems to attract Yang so much.

Whose butt is this?

That's mine!

You must know who is the king here,me the Malayan Tiger.

You wanna see me fly?

Who wants a ride?

Ok! hopp on now.

What,you haven't seen a wild water buffalo(Seladang) before?

I am the biggest around here.

You want to test my horn?

I am not from the jungle,i am from KL.

Pussy cat.

Where is Long John?I want a part in the show.

This bird knows the value of money.
Collecting money to buy food?

I will shame all the pros.

Sis Audrey,Mum and Yang taking a rest.

That is as far as you go.

With the Lions(Statues)

Ok! quickly we are ready.

Their necks are so long.

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