Friday, December 18, 2009

Our trip to Bukit Gambang Water Park

The new Bukit Gambang Water Park is a new attraction to the east coast
which is famous for its beautiful beaches and it's a nice place for group gatherings like conventions or family days because of it is easily accessible by the East Coast Expressway .

The entrance to the park.

This part of the park where people line up to rent their tube(float) for the Glacier River/Journey of Ice and Coco Beach wave pool is a mess,maybe some other alternative way should be used.

The layout of the area.

The place is jammed pack on a hot sunny sunday.

The Penguin island place for the younger kids to play.

This is what we see on the roads,traffic jam at Glacier River.

This game is something new.

Childrens slides.

The Glacier River.

Coco Beach wave pool without the wave in the morning just after opening.

When the crowd buildup.

The Canopy slide.

The Family Raft slide.

The telematch pool.

Everyone is there for a fun day.

The wave pool with its waves.

Yang taking a dip.

Han in the Canopy slide after the plunge.

Lining up for the Racer Slide.

Just completed the Racer slide ride.

Yang too scare to go into the pool.

Click on the blue balloon for directions.


  1. nur atiqahnnabila binti hazmanMay 30, 2010 at 1:37 PM

    errrrmmmmm nak tanyer...ader zooo x dlm gambang water park resort

  2. Hah!Sorry,no zoo at the water park
    but there is a mini zoo at Taman Teruntum,Kuantan,near the Teluk Cempedak beach.

    1. a safari park was opened quite sometime back.
      Safari Park

  3. 想请问哪一个酒店是在water park里面的,走出来就到了的?请尽快email我,,谢谢^^

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