Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Trip to Fraser's Hill

Fraser Hill is about 1500m high and it offers a cool
and quiet atmosphere for those who wants an escape from the hectic city life.
This is the signboard at the entrance of the new road to the hill
which is already a white elephant because it had remained closed since last year
due to never ending landsides so it is back to the ever faithful old route build a century ago.
Whatever happens to technology and knowledge attained in the last century
that couldn't be applied by the builders of the new road to make it safe
or is it because they don't have the know how?

JKR road report

A sad welcome to Gap when i found out that my favourite coffee shop is already closed.
Looks like more of these type of shops will continue to close
if someone from the next generation is not willing to take over.

The welcome plaque at Gap.

This is why we will missed the cafe,
the traffic time table for the road up to Fraser's Hill
since it is a one way traffic, a wrong timing will hold you back for up to an hour
but a new rest area build nearby with toilets and a tea stall helps.

The map of Fraser's Hill.

Picture taken at Gap while waiting for the turn.

A short history of the hill.

The FHGC,windy and pine trees covers the surrounding area.

The clock tower round about and the post office.

The police station.

The sports complex.

Difference in height is quite obvious here.

One for the road.

The newly renovated Puncak Inn.

Lunch at Puncak Inn.

A charming smile from Yang.

Chicken nuggets and french fries for lunch.

A mini 9 holes golf course is challenging for the kids.
RM6 per hour all in.

Next is Jeriau Waterfalls.

Even in a slight rain didn't prevent us.

The onces beautiful pool is already fill with sand to the brink.

Testing the cool water.

The view never change in this area.

This helps keep the area clean and natural.

Yang is too tired on the way back from the falls.

One of the many trails here.

An observation tower with Shen on top.

Allan's Water wasn't open,so no boating activity.

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