Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our trip to Kuala Selangor,Taiping and Cameron Highland.

Our trip to Taiping,my aunt's house started in Klang
by the coastal road up north
and we stop by Kuala Selangor for a short visit to an old fort,
Tanjung Keramat Fort which is build in 1784 by Sultan Ibrahim
the second sultan of Selangor,
it was later captured by the Dutch and is renamed Fort Utrecht.

The stairways up to the Fort.

View from above.

Old cannons littered the fort obviously from the look this place in not well kept,
i wonder who is in charge of the area,these guys really needs a kick on their ass
for leaving a historic site in such a bad state.

My sons taking a photo while sitting on a cannon
and the trolley where the cannon is suppose to be resting.

http://www.sabrizain.org/malaya/ ( A history of malay peninsula)

This is the Shrine of a Virgin girl(Makam Keramat Anak Dara)
it is situated on top of a small hill.

The wooden stairs to the shrine.

A view of a lake beside the shrine.

The shrine on the hill.

A group photo with my mum,Anthony and wife, Sing Yee and Jin Siong beside me.

Larut hills from my aunt's place.

Taiping Jail.

A super Sabre(Tebuan) ,ex Canadian Air Force and ex RMAF used during the emergency

to fight the communist.

This old anchor sits four.

Shen,Han,Yang and Sing Yee.

Boats at Kuala Sepetang formerly know as Port Weld.

Yang doing a balancing act on a pole of the jetty.

Salt fish drying in the open.

Mum,Han,Shen and cousin Dr. Vivien Ng a graduate from RCSI Dublin

enjoying a seafood meal at Matang.

Even the fish cake is so tasty not forgetting the flesh of these shell,

i wonder what species are they from.

Behind the Boh tea shop

Mum and Yang.

This 2 went missing in the tea plantation.

Yang and Han.

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