Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moving out to KL

This are their sad faces when we first move into Sis Audrey's house,
now that their mum and maid are no more around to pamper them
they each have to learn to be independent by
doing household chores like washing the plates,washing their school shoes,doing the laundry,
and most of all their school homework besides adapting to their new school
and getting used to using school and public bus.

Yang the prince,will also have to go to kindergarten soon.

Watching Spongebob.

Reading time,even Yang is doing some colouring.

LeOn can't let go of his hippo.


  1. You lucky man, You ever watch an old TV show, "My 3 sons"?

    I LOL at the photo and I want to ask," Did your sons' weight cause the cannon to sink into the ground?

    Wht is the cannon sunk? I guess you saw the Sarawak Museum Cannon, sitting so high and tall though a zillion people have sat on it. LOL

  2. These cannons are suppose to be on their movable stands which are not secured properly on the outer wall of the fort which is the higher part,someone must have roll them down,by the way these are actually priceless artifact probably belongs to the Dutch who captured the fort before.


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