Sunday, May 21, 2017

Monkeys at Telok Tongkang

On our way for a sunrise
we met a troop of monkeys
with a tin of Hup Seng cream crackers
probably stolen from the stall nearby
and here is how they finished it.

Patience while the bos is eating

it's free for all once the bos left



as the slogan says "sekali cuba pasti tak lupa"

and when the tin of biscuit is finished

Yang playing with some hermit crabs

a colorful bike

say cheese

cool down

taking it easy while debug is in progress


  1. So many monkeys! They really enjoyed those crackers :)

  2. Thomas, I was unable to translate "sekali cuba pasti tak lupa" but my guess is that it refers to our Cuban son-in-law's favorite snack, Cuban Soda Crackers. That is either a very large box or they are quite small monkeys! In any event this was a most entertaining post and excellent video.

    1. it means'you wouldn't forget after one try'


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