Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Picnic at Kampung Sri Cempaka Beach

 We went for short picnic at Kampung Sri Cempaka Beach
which is very much cleaner than the neighbouring
Pantai Sepat beach  which is full of cow dungs
left by a herd of stray cows which sleeps on the beach at night,
apparently their owners left them to fend for themselves.

Wei Yang trying in his attempt to search for clamshell.

Rowan prefer to watch from behind.

Sis Alice who is on a short break in her Solo World Tour joining the search

In the end  it's time for a dip.

Reban the colored leader of the herd
in front of the old Japanese WW2 airport building.

View Beach of Kg Sri Cempaka in a larger map


  1. Replies
    1. Yee Ling,
      Someone did an airbrush job on the goat
      which is the leader of a herd of 20~30 goat and sheep.

    2. Woooo...the leader. Can spot it from far far away.

  2. I have heard of Kampung Chempaka beach from my friends but have never been before. Its great to see your family and the little boy is cute.

    1. Nava,
      There is a very nice Lodge on the beach by the name
      Cempaka Beach Lodge

  3. Alamak...what happen to the goat.

    Ddnt know about Kg Chempaka beach. So far many people goes to Tg sepat beach. Will google that. My son love beach

    Over there is there any easy access to toilet/bathroom for changing and washing purposes?

    1. Small Kucing,
      Sorry, there are no toilet/bath facility here,
      but i assure you there are no cow dung on the beach.
      Anyway there is a nice lodge here.
      One thing pls be careful as this beach can be very tricky during high tide
      as there are high and low area
      and there are drowning here yearly.

  4. Nice! you should come to KK too. Plenty of sun, beautiful islands, those pictures from my blogs are taken mostly from Sabah Islands. Hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, u named it..we got it here.

    Best Regards.


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