Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vivien & Adrian wedding

This's a very late post of our cousin's wedding,
Vivien,the only doctor in the Yeoh  family
with her sweet heart, Dr.Adrian.

"Two lives joined together...
Two hearts that beats as one"
As you begin your life together...
May all your days be filled with love
and may all your dreams come true!


Look how charming is our King and Queen of the night.

Yam Seng with the Lees.

The Yeoh's family.

Yang very happy with a balloon.

Amanda Lee playing with her camera.

Uncle Yeoh and wife.

David and YB.

Adelyn and Calvin.

Anthony and family.

Kim Yap and hubby.

Dr Vivien and Adelyn.

#very sorry i couldn't make it to the wedding
and for the very late entry.

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