Sunday, January 9, 2011

7A from Rowan

Rowan's PMR result finally came out and he scored 7A,
i am so proud of you my son and hope you will continue to do well in other exams and in life.
Exams are only part of life,diploma and degrees don't mean a thing
if you don't have a balance life,
mentally and spiritually.
i hope that you will grow up to be a good and responsible citizen of Malaysia.

Lunch at a tepanyaki restaurant at Empire Shopping Gallery
Leon smiling for a shot in front of Thai Odyssey.
He is always wanted for being so naugthy,
i only hope you can do better in your studies and pay more attention in class.

Leon's ride on Lex Slide,world's tallest indoor tube slide.

It's all over in 5 seconds.


  1. u see wei han face... that wan smile don wan smile that face.... eeeee...

  2. it's normal,he is most happy when with his friends,
    will smile and laugh.

  3. congratulation Rowan.. smart ha?
    sure, like father like son too..
    he he..


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